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Roof Installation in St. Louis, MO

Choose our company for your new roof installation because we provide quality work, fair pricing, and exceptional service. Austin Roofing & Exteriors provides all types of residential and commercial roof installation including new construction projects. We regularly work with homeowners, business owners, developers, and other contractors that need roofing projects done properly and on time.

For more than 14 years, our business has built a reputation as the go-to company for roof installation in St. Louis, MO. We encourage you to look for any signs you need a new roof or your home may suffer serious damage in the future. Book a service with us today.

New Roof in St. Louis, MO

Asphalt Roof Installation in Less than a Day

In most residential areas, asphalt roof installation is the most popular roofing material. We regularly work with homeowner's associations, and asphalt roofing is always approved by these regulatory organizations. Asphalt shingles come in a wide variety of color options so there is sure to be one color to match the color of your home. Our team can get most jobs done in a matter of hours, sometimes after just one day of work.

Signs You Need Residential Roof Installation

By their very nature, shingles experience significant amounts of decay as the years go on. If you have noticed signs of decay, we recommend getting the opinion of our contractors to help you determine if a repair will suffice or a replacement is necessary. We are knowledgeable about detecting signs of major concern. The following signs can serve as an indication that you need a roof installation:

Loose Shingles—Noticing loose shingles after heavy rains or minor winds means your roof is aging. Shingles are meant to keep your home safe from debris, water, and more.
Leaks in the Home or Attic—Signs of water inside your home is always cause for concern because a minor problem can easily turn into a flood in bad weather conditions.
Noticeable Valleys or Sagging—Standing at the front of your home and noticing sagging in your roof may indicate the strength and function of your roof are compromised.
Clogged Gutters—Standing water in your gutters can be the result of shingles being caught there. Also, standing water in the gutters causes decay and mold on the edge of the roof.
Falling Shingles—After any storm-with powerful wind and rain-you should not be losing protective shingles. Schedule an assessment as soon as possible in the case your roof is losing shingles.

Increase the curb appeal and the functionality of your home by investing in asphalt roof installation. Contact us today to schedule a service. We are able to serve clients in St. Louis, St. Charles, St. Peters, Ballwin, Chesterfield, MI, and the surrounding communities.